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Computer Diagnosis
Starting at 20 OMR * 


The primary purpose of a car scanning or car diagnostics test is to verify the overall condition of a car. All the major parts, such as the engine, the AC, the suspension and more, are thoroughly tested to ensure the vehicle is at peak performing capabilities. With a car diagnostics test, you can identify what problems the car has before you begin with servicing or repairs.

We have the best and most advanced car diagnostics software that will help analyse any issues or damages to your car. The software helps to keep track of all the flaws picked out during the car diagnostics test. The health report, which comes as a result of the car diagnostics test, will give our technicians a better overview of what work the car needs. The health report will also be sent to you on the app, and via SMS or email.

Book your repairs via phone or PITSTOP WebApp.

* Labour prices only

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